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Price fear

Published 9 days ago • 1 min read

Working on proposals, quotations and offers gets into some sort of comfort zone. A zone where you don't need to push for hearing a No, or where even ghosting is preferable to being rejected.

Or trying to avoid saying a high price, so that you don't miss the opportunity.

Or flinching at the very last minute —and lowball the offer.

Or decide to start with a low price, because that way you can "upsell the next time".

Behind all that, there's fear.

And fear is a natural, instinctive survival mechanism.

What do you do with it, though?

Do you use it as a cocoon, to protect what you (might) have?

Or do you use it to push beyond that fear, and see what's on the other side?

Try this: Go to your mirror (or to a friend) and say "The price for [what you do] is [10X what you charge]".

Let me know how it goes?

Rod Aparicio

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